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B'eit Adonai Yisrael - House of the Lord of Israel

The name of God

            In some of the pieces found within this site, you will find the word Jehovah used to identify the Most Holy God, blessed be He.  I, however, find this word to be an obscenity and a blasphemy to Adonai.  I have included and excerpt from my book; Is God On Plan B Now? to explain my concerns with this word.


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"I now come to another glaring discrepancy in the 1611 King James Bible.  It is with the word Jehovah.  There are many people who believe that Jehovah is the name of God.  I once did.  But, I promise you this.  It is not! 


            "The name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is YHWH and is pronounced Yahweh. 


"In the Hebrew language, there are 22 letters.  None of which are vowels.  All Hebrew letters are consonants.  The English-speaking people added the vowels a and e so they could pronounce the name of God.


"Nor does the letter J or the sound of a J appear in the Hebrew language.  As a matter of fact, the letter J was not found in the English language until its introduction in the 16th century AD.  So, where did the name Jehovah come from?


"Some of the translators of the 1611 King James Bible were German.  In the German language, Ja is pronounced Ya.  Therefore, when they translated Yahweh, it was misprounced and continued to be mispronounced until it came out Jehovah.


            "And, worse yet, according to the Strongs Hebrew lexicon, the suffix of Jehovah, hovah, or havvah in the Hebrew has a derogatory meaning.  It means, quote; calamity, iniquity, mischief, naughty, perverse and very wickedness.


Source: Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the (1611 King James Version) Bible,

Hebrew and Aramaic dictionary of the Old Testament, Strongs numbers 1942 & 1943.


           "In other words, people who call God Jehovah, are defiling His Holy Name.  For those who believe it does not matter whether or not we should put His Holy and Righteous name back into the original Hebrew apparently do not care what they call God, or Master Yeshua.  This is just one of the reasons why His Holy Name has become nothing more than a common swear words among men."


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            However, I have chosen not to remove this word from the works of other writers.  I am very anti-censorship and I would be very offended if someone changed my work.  Therefore, I have left the word in the text.  I will leave the reader to judge the use of this word and its meaning.  I do ask that you pray hard and do your homework before making any judgments.