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The Fine Line
B'eit Adonai Yisrael - House of the Lord of Israel

Is it Christian to be Jewish?

The Fine Line

By: Roger A. Ludington



            There is, somewhere between Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity, a very fine Line.  It is Messianic Judaism.  When getting into a subject such as this, you soon have opposition.  Men and women raise up against change, or the unknown, many times before they even partially know what it is.  This could be one of the greatest obstacles to what God is doing in this dispensation.  It could be prejudged before being understood. 


There are some that come from a Jewish background who immediately throw up a wall at the first mention of the word Messianic, in connection with Judaism.  Then there are those from a Christian upbringing who refuse to even consider anything of Judaism, as being under the Law.  The sad thing is that both sides are so closed minded that they will fail to see the beauty of this Restoration.


There are cases where a Jewish man or woman seeking for Messiah, would recognize his or her fulfillment in Yeshua (Jesus) and end up in a Christian Church.  There he or she would be thoroughly de-Judaized and be the token Jewish member of the congregation. Warned against his or her past Jewish customs and lifestyle, they close their eyes and  ears  to their  past and  end up with a Gentile picture of the Jewish Messiah.        


Some of these believers end up in leadership positions or even may go on to become pastors or spiritual leaders of Christian churches and only refer to their Jewish background, customs, feast days, and past lifestyles to build that particular denomination or sect, or for personal gain or position.  Many have innocently labored in this manner having been taught erroneous doctrine handed down from the days of pagan worship among the nations.  It takes a real call from Heaven to renounce the religious errors around us and stand for the truth.  Historians are sometimes more unbiased and truthful than religious leaders.


            On the other hand, there is an element of Judaism that has dedicated its efforts to disproving Yeshua as the Messiah.  We write this article with the full knowledge of the great persecution suffered by the Jewish people during the last nineteen-hundred years.  But this Jewish Rabbi Yeshua should not be blamed for these deeds done by the Gentile Christian community.  Had they seen and followed Yeshuas teachings (from the Torah), they would have gone to the Jewish community with love and compassion as must be done today.  The sad problem is those who labor so hard to keep their Jewish children from recognizing Yeshua as their Messiah, are losing them to the Hari Chrishna, Moonies, and other eastern cult religions.


            If the same effort had been given to objectively and honestly examining the prophecies about Yeshua being Messiah, Messianic Judaism would have flourished years ago.


            From these observances, one would say that the distance between Christianity and Judaism is ever so vast, but let us look closer.  Yeshua (Jesus), the focal figure in Christianity, was not only Jewish, but a Rabbi.  He never taught against the Torah (the Law), but upheld it and brought more light through it.  He kept all the customs and feast days of Israel, and never once taught against Moses or the prophets, but was this anointed one, who was born to a Jewish woman, in a Jewish community, attended the synagogue, fulfilled all of the laws of Moses, and promised He would return to His people, Israel.  He is no doubt the greatest gift Israel has ever given to the nations of this world.


Now, the Gentiles are quick to judge Israel for not keeping the Torah (Gods instructions), and condemn her for turning to the gods and idols of the Nations over two-thousand years ago.  But what have the Gentile nations done with the even greater light of the Messiah?  There is not one truly righteous nation after all these years.


            In the foggy twilight of the last nineteen-hundred years, Yeshua (Jesus) has been transformed into a Gentile image surrounded by the trappings of pagan holidays and celebrations, and His name has become a common curse word among men.


It is high time that both Jew and non-Jew, zealot and Christian acknowledge their errors and misconceptions of this precious man and the prophecies concerning Him, and come before Him with weeping and a repentant heart.


            This is where the Fine Line of Messianic Judaism brings the precious truths together.  We must fall upon the Rock and be broken, and seek His will.  In Messianic Judaism, you will see the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies.  Witness in the Scripture and in person the Restoration of the land of Israel after over nineteen-hundred years of neglect and abuse.


            We must come together in unity where both Jew and non-Jew worship the promised Messiah.  Here you can feel free to keep Biblical customs, true Biblical feast days, with better understanding.  Sing and worship in Hebrew as King David did.  Read Torah (Moses) as it was in Acts 15:21.  Experience the joy of welcoming Sabbath and Yeshuas return by lighting the Sabbath candles.


            Some have referred to Judaism as bondage.  So a Jewish believer, one who has accepted Yeshua as Messiah, who was raised in a Synagogue, wore a prayer shawl (tsitzis), wore a kippah (yarmulkah), fasted on Yom Kippur and lived a joyous Jewish lifestyle, feels out of place following their customs in a new religious environment.  There are even some that view these customs as bondage, not knowing they are a joy, and in many instances, fulfilling the commandments (guidelines for life) given by the Almighty Himself to this people Israel, throughout your generations.


On the other hand, dear Christian friend, do you realize your roots are in Judaism?  The writers of the Holy Book were Jews, and on second review you may see it as a book of instruction, most joyous, and a path to freedom not bondage.  Please dont judge too quickly, but rather, take time to pray and meditate about these things.  Your life could depend on it!


            If you come from a Jewish background, or a Christian way of life, or if you havent believed in anything, its worth your time to visit a Messianic Synagogue or fellowship.  Come with an open heart and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) will witness the true joy and freedom there is in serving the Lord as Messianic believers.


            Truly, the Fine Line of Messianic Judaism is the best of both worlds.


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